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Adi recently discovered a notebook in my room, in which I wrote poems/rambles at the very beginning of 2012. It feels appropriate that my adieu to the past year should be something I wrote at the very beginning of it- something that isn’t so well written and isn’t particularly profound, but that…

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…crying in Katzen to “What Would I Do?’ fromFalsettoland.Is this a low point or exactly where I should be as a senior musical theatre major?

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Yes, Obama, yes!

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…you realize you don’t need to put so much pressure on yourself.

…you realize you have the most supportive roommates, parents, and boyfriend.

…you accept what you want to do and come to terms with what you don’t want to do and aren’t meant to do.

…you’re still scared, but more sure than ever that you are making  good, constructive life choices.

…you finally give yourself the freedom to go after things that you always thought were impossible.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Prime Minister of Australia kicking ass and taking names (mostly Tony Abbott’s). [x]

So glad this has become a gif set. Sensational.

This whole video is great.

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First, the argument was simply that women, all women, are not funny.

Now, apparently, it is specifically only the beautiful women who aren’t, have never been nor will they ever be funny.

Last night in reaction to Julie Bowen’s Emmy win for Best Supporting Actress, long time critic Nikki Finke…

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I’ve been working on my Suri Is Not Impressed face. The eyeroll is my own special touch.


I’ve been working on my Suri Is Not Impressed face. The eyeroll is my own special touch.

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Children have no real sense of how life can flip. School perpetrates an illusion of stasis. If you are 15, and mostly hating the social world of your high school, it is incredibly easily to conclude that your life will always be that way. Childhood is so closed-off and institutionalized. It is a prison. Self-esteem, in the main, comes from three places—school, sports, and the opposite sex. If you fail at those things you are likely to have a harder time. Worse, it’s easy to conclude that this is your life, that whatever you’re experiencing is somehow a sign-posts for the rest of years. If that is the case, why not end it?

The tragedy is that childhood—and specifically young adulthood—is such a slender, ridiculously small sliver, of the human lifespan. It’s sad to think of people who only get to see that.